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Lyle Ashton Harris
Ektachrome Archives
(New York Mix), 2017

Lyle Ashton Harris’s Once (Now) Again, a site-specific multimedia installation features a three-channel video work comprised of projected images taken from Harris’s Ektachrome Archive (photographed 1986–2000) as well as three new video works using footage originally recorded on Hi-8 and MiniDV format in the 1990s. The resulting assemblage serves to both memorialize and evoke moments lived at the intersection of the personal and the political.

Bearing witness to a period of seismic shifts—the emergence of multiculturalism, the second wave of AIDS activism, and the interconnection of the contemporary art scene with LGBTQ and African diasporic communities—the Ektachrome Archive, an ongoing project,  documents his friends, family, and lovers. By setting intimate moments alongside landmark events (such as the Black Popular Culture Conference in 1991, the truce between the Crips and the Bloods in 1992, the Black Male exhibition at the Whitney in 1994, and the Black Nations/Queer Nations Conference in 1995), the archive constructs collective and private narratives to comment on identity, desire, sexuality, and loss.

The Ektachrome slide images below are from the three-channel video installation Ektachrome Archives (New York Mix) (2017), one component of Once (Now) Again.

Select Subjects from Ektachrome Archives (New York Mix), 1986–1998